Travel Basketball and AAU

Although I grew up living a privileged neighborhood playing for an elementary school team full of skilled players, the school season of basketball wasn’t enough for my itching craving of playing basketball at any possible moment, and my parents knew it.

AAU (Amatuer Athletic Union) basketball was a godsend for my family. It gave us the chance to travel to different cities and play against incredibly skilled players that we normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to play against. Playing for different AAU basketball teams were some of the best times I had in my life. Other than the time I woke up with bed bug bites all over my body in a hotel room in the bay area, I hold all of my travel basketball memories very fondly.

aau basketball The AAU basketball players often hold an advantage over those who don’t play in the league, or other similar travel team leagues. There are also some aspects of AAU that just straight up suck. I will explain my reasoning for both perspectives.  Continue reading “Travel Basketball and AAU”

The Art of the SkyHook

kareem abdul jabbar skyhook

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is by far the leading scorer in the history of the NBA. He utilized the greatest shot that the Association, and any other basketball leagues had ever seen, yet, following his departure, it has not been utilized by today’s breed of players.

The skyhook has essentially disappeared from the tool belts of basketball players of today, which seems absolutely absurd in the eyes of people who saw just how dominant the shot was for Kareem.

Abdul-Jabbar put a lot of effort into making sure his hook shot was perfected. If the generation of today took note on how much their games would be elevated with the skyhook in their arsenal, they should be considered crazy to not practice it. Continue reading “The Art of the SkyHook”

The Crossover Dribble

crossover dribble basketballThe crossover is one of the most essential basketball dribbles for any player on the basketball court. No matter the size or the position played, the crossover dribble helps any offensive player create separation from their defender in an effort to have an opening on the court.

The crossover is a simple move to understand, but perfecting can improve the success of a player on the court by leaps and bounds.

The crossover simply is a move that is used by a dribble while dribbling the ball in one hand swiftly dribbles the ball to put it in the other hand, and is particularly used when changing direction, or trying to deceive a player into believing there is going to be a change in direction. Continue reading “The Crossover Dribble”