Improving Your Free Throw

kobe free throwsFree throws should be the easiest shot for anyone to make. It’s shot from the exact same position on the court every time. There is no defender in the way, and if you have the home court or are playing a game of 21, there is much less distraction. Free throws take practice, but most of all, it takes knowledge of just knowing how to correctly shoot the free throw. Every person has the ability to make a high percentage of free throws, they just have to know how to correctly shoot free throws. Shooting from the same location, without defense, and being able to go through your procedure should allow every player to be a quality free throw shooter. If you cannot make 70% of your free throws, we need to make some adjustments.

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Backyard Basketball Court

Having had an avid love for basketball that has lasted my entire life, one of my lifelong goals was to be able to have a basketball court installed in my own backyard.

Over the years, I have spent much of my time working from home, and during nearly every break from work that I took, I was always longing to shoot a couple hoops before getting right back to work. The problem was, the only hoops nearby were at parks or at the local gym.

After years of dedicated work and building up enough savings, I have finally done it! I live in Nor Cal, and hired a Stockton concrete contractor to install a concrete court in my backyard where I installed my own full size hoop into the ground. I love it, what do you guys think of this court?

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Rebounding is one of the major stat lines taken into account during games of basketball. While it may not be as glamorized in professional leagues or in games on the street, rebounding is one of the most important aspects of the game.

basketball reboundingNo matter the position, rebounding is an extremely beneficial thing to do to help increase your teams likelihood of securing a win. It’s not just for the big guys on the court, the guards who can pull down rebounds are a major threat to the other teams and help serve as all around weapons on the court. Many games can be decided by the team that collects the most boards, and however many members of the team that go to grab rebounds can determine who is going to come out of the game victorious.
Here are some tips to help improve the rebounding ability for yourself or your players.

Rebounding Tips

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Basketball Memories

Basketball has always been my first love, I remember growing up always having a basketball in my hands at recess and after school. If you ever saw me as a kid, I always had a basketball in my hand.  Just like everything else in life, if you want to be great at anything it takes constant, quality repetition.  If you don’t put in the hours, days, and weeks into some endeavors than you want to be successful at nothing will come about.  If you want something, in my case it was basketball handling skills, than you have to become a fanatic.  I wasn’t born a six foot eight inches freak of nature athlete, dunking on everybody.  I had to develop into being a smart player, using the whole court whether it was passing, defense, three point shots, plays etc.  Growing up I was never going to be a center or power forward.  What most professional basketball players with my size were playing, was more so guards or shooting guards.  A tremendous amount of skill must be continually growing to have all the necessary ball handling, shooting, defensive, and play making skills to become a great guard.  

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