More Basketball in the New Year

2017 isn’t just a thought anymore, it’s here. Like every new year’s resolution- people are always constantly finding new things to improve upon as the new year starts. For many people physical health and wealth are the biggest new years resolutions. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m pretty obsessed about basketball. I’ve always had a love for the game. What better way to show my love for the game, than to make it a point to play more during the new year?

basketball player

Becoming a better basketball player has always been on my mind, but it does take a lot of time and effort to become the best you can. There are so many different components of a basketball players game that must be addressed and perfected. Every time I step on the basketball court it’s always a pleasure and something I look forward to everyday. Like most people, I have a regular day job working 9 to 5; so when I have the time during the end of the day to release tension and shoot some hoops it’s always a plus.

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