Backyard Basketball Court

Having had an avid love for basketball that has lasted my entire life, one of my lifelong goals was to be able to have a basketball court installed in my own backyard.

Over the years, I have spent much of my time working from home, and during nearly every break from work that I took, I was always longing to shoot a couple hoops before getting right back to work. The problem was, the only hoops nearby were at parks or at the local gym.

After years of dedicated work and building up enough savings, I have finally done it! I live in Nor Cal, and hired a Stockton concrete contractor to install a concrete court in my backyard where I installed my own full size hoop into the ground. I love it, what do you guys think of this court?

backyard basketball court

When I was in elementary school, I was living in Southern California with my parents and going to a public school that a ton of the wealthier families were also sending their kids to. My family was more of a middle class family. Not all the kids that went to this school had wealthy families, but there were still quite a few.

When I was 8 years old, I started hanging out with a friend, Tyler, from my elementary school at his parent’s house. The very first time I went to his house, we played basketball in his court in his yard. It wasn’t just made of asphalt either. I remember that it was a full on painted concrete court, painted the actual color of a professional hardwood basketball court. It was ridiculously aesthetically pleasing, and certainly fashionable as well as functionable.

Following the first time I went to his house, I came home and asked my parents if we could get a basketball court for our backyard just like Tyler had. It simply wasn’t in the budget for a family, but they told me as long as Tyler and I remained friends, I could go to his house to play basketball anytime his parents said it was okay. For the next few years, while we lived in So-Cal, I played at Tyler’s house a few times a week, and we began killing it together on our elementary school basketball team. All the extra practice we got together on his court in his backyard made us really a good duo on the court. For our age, we were really good shooters, dribblers, and were in pretty great shape as well.

basketball hoop backyard

When my family and I left SoCal, and moved up to Northern California, unsurprisingly, none of my new friends had a basketball court in our backyard. I settled for a portable hoop that we put at the end of our driveway as well as going to the parks to play. Over time, playing on the court at the end of my driveway wasn’t as appealing. I didn’t like the curb underneath the basket and it affected my muscle memory for shooting on different hoops. The street was also slanted, with bumps and holes. All these factors made me not want to play basketball as frequently. The courts at the park were about a mile away, and for a few years, I wasn’t playing as seriously as I once was. It wasn’t until I turned 16 and was able to quickly drive to the park to play that I started playing a ton of basketball hoop court

After a few years of going back and forth to the park and going away from college, I started to realize just how freaking convenient the court that Tyler had in his backyard was for us. Upon graduating from college, and settling into my adult life, I had decided that I was going to work hard to get a court in my backyard.

It has been about a week since I have had this court, and I can’t even explain how much better it is to be working from home. Whenever I just need like a quick 5 minute break from working, all I have to do is open the door to my backyard, grab a ball and shoot some hoops and let my stresses melt away before I go back in to finish the job.

My development and general skill level has greatly increased since having this court. It has made it so that basketball is part of my daily habits, and probably addiction. Over a day span, I’ll have a ball in my hand for maybe 2-3 hours, and will be playing for at least an hour and a half per day, working on whatever facet of my game that I think could benefit from some practice time. My dribbling with both hands has gotten increasingly better, and I feel like I can finally be confident in my three point shot.

My wife and I are expecting a baby in the summer of next year, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be playing basketball with my new son or daughter during the early stages of their life. Basketball has always been my passion, and I can’t wait to pass it on to my future offspring.

A backyard basketball hoop in my backyard was my dream, and I set out my sights to fulfill this wish. I get so much pleasure out of actually achieving this goal, and it has surprised me how much value this has provided into my life. Follow your dreams everyone, chase your goals, both little and large.