My Son’s First League Games

Though I am still fond of the game of basketball, yet no more infatuated about it…..




For the simple reason that during my teenage years, I used to sustain pain to my hips and legs, while playing this game. Movements such as spinning around, rushing, hopping and bouncing back——all these would position additional wrench on my legs and hips. However, my ten year old son by some means seems to have an inborn liking for this game. So I decided to become a knowledgeable instructor not only for my Andrew but also for his teammates. The entire idea was to facilitate the making of a superb capable basketball group. Consequently I composed a precise plan with emphasis on physical exercises meant to improve the strength of those kids along with intellectual preparation to assist the young performers to identify the moves of the rival group and take appropriate action with swift reflexes.


Given the crucial factor in a game of basketball is shooting, plus the performer’s right-mindedness at it,  I obligated the young performers to become skilled at the talent of shooting to be helpful to them at critical moments such as unhindered shots. The shooting preparation formulated by me mainly incorporated the players to recognize how they should cling to the ball at the same time as dashing. They were also educated on how to focus on the perimeter of the basketball goal and how to correctly maintain their poise. The players were prepared to make their shoulders pulled back in a straight line in a manner that represented that they were ready to perform. They were duty-bound to become skilled at vital essentials so as to improve their performance. They were made to become skilled at the appropriate modus operandi for lay ups, jump stops, jab steps and so forth.


I also taught them how much and when to curve the knees to acquire the highest distance from the ground. Leg power was also given due consideration during the shooting training since it also ascertains how properly they would be able to hop and shoot the ball.


The instructions also took account of putting up self-reliance and power preparation. The players were made to perform on a miniature mesh with diminutive balls; at the same time as they kept budding to put on physical power and stature, they were educated to aim the ball precisely through a hoop.


kid basketball

The teaching was converted in such a manner that enabled the young players to progress and carry out regular jump shots too. They were taught diverse types of regular jump shots such as three pointers, foul shots and so forth.  Since the whole lot implicated the utilization of hands, so the players were educated to concentrate on the inside layer of the plank and position and aim into it.


The coaching sessions went on for more than four years; the players participated in summer camps where they got the possibility to get a hold into this sport, attempt innovative phenomena, and formulate new associates in addition to having lots of enjoyment. What’s more, they were taught to uphold rational play and sociable athletic performance. The attitude of team spirit along with sportsmanship was inculcated by persistent directives. They were taught the life span lesson to accept victory as well as defeat with the same elegance.


And finally approached the great day……… when I could observe ten Andrews heading towards the basketball field to play their first game.


In my heart of hearts, I could listen uttering, “Contentment can be earned by doing beneficial actions; only then will you be able to live each moment of your life with thankfulness.”