Ace the Baller

Basketball has been my favorite sport my entire life. I have been a fan of the game since I first started watching games with my dad. I remember him even recording basketball games to watch after he would pick me up from pre-school and take me to work with him.

jason kiddThe first time I chose what I wanted to be for Halloween, I asked for a Bugs Bunny costume to wear with a basketball jersey because he was my favorite player in the Space Jam movie. The year after that, I went as Jason Kidd. For about a year after that, I was stuck in a bald headed white kid phase just because J-Kidd was my favorite player.

This blog is about some of the personal experiences I have had growing up playing basketball, some things I have learned along the way about the game, and some of the things that I am currently learning as my basketball knowledge continues to progress.

I welcome any shared information on this website, and feel free to contact me at if you have any basketball knowledge you want to drop on me, some basketball info you wish to share, or something you would like me to talk more about on this blog.